How do you guarantee that my pay is set up correctly

All our new contractors’ pay is quality assured by our in-house Certified Practicing Accountant CPA and tax agent to ensure compliance with the ATO requirements.

How does payroll work for contractors?

JustPays offers a comprehensive payroll service specialised for IT Contractors. Once you accept the terms and conditions you allow JustPays to work with your recruitment company to set up your contract so JustPays can then provide your recruitment company with outsourced payroll services to pay you. When JustPays performs this service it pays your tax and also your superannuation to a fund of your choice, including Self Managed Superannuation Funds.

How do I receive my payment summary?

The ATO has changed the way that payment summaries are made available, and also renamed them Income Statements. Your Income Statement is only available through your MyGov account or tax agent. JustPays can no longer issue one to you.

Is JustPays my employer?

No. Your recruitment company is your employer because JustPays did not interview you for a role or put you forward to anyone for a role. JustPays does not control you in any way and cannot terminate you at any time including when you represent your recruitment company at its client site. What JustPays does do is look after your payroll and remain in regular contact to exceed your expectations in every way..

How do I join JustPays?

The best way to join JustPays is to go to our web site at www.justpays.com.au, and click on “Join JustPays“. This secure form will allow you to enter all your personal details and bank details. It also allows you to view JustPays’ terms and conditions that must be agreed to before you join JustPays. Once you submit the join form, we will provide an email with a copy of the JustPays terms and conditions all forms to initiate your pay.